Previous SBDM meetings

SBDM 2019 (Oxford, UK)
SBDM 2018 (Paris, France)

SBDM 2017 (Bordeaux, France)

SBDM 2016 (Paris, France)
SBDM 2015 (Paris, France)
SBDM 2014 (Paris, France)
SBDM 2013 (Paris, France)
SBDM 2012 (Paris, France)
SBDM 2009 (Bordeaux, France)


Other relevant decision-making meetings

Computational Properties of the Prefrontal Cortex (CPPC) meeting, Oxford, UK, initially planned in September 2020, postponed to 2021? 
The website is not yet ready, but you can ask questions to the organizers: Elsa Fouragnan, Nils Kolling, Jérôme Sallet, Jacqueline 

Society for NeuroEconomics annual meeting, to be announced.


Relevant recent readings on decision-making

Special issue of Philosophical Transactions B entitled Existence and prevalence of economic behaviours among non-human primates compiled and edited by Elsa Addessi, Thomas Boraud and Sacha Bourgeois-Gironde. The articles can be accessed directly at

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